Greetings from Lijian

Hello, welcome! My name is Lijian Yang, I am a Christian, a Chinese, a Statistician.

I am deeply grateful to those whose guidance and inspiration had made me:

  1. My mother who taught me numbers and language despite my resistence, and my father who kindled my interests in mathematics and taught me Analysis from his beautifully written lecture notes 
  2. My professors at Peking University who gave me broad exposure to all areas of Pure Mathematics
  3. My professors at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill who opened up my eyes to the fascinating world of data analysis and inference, and undergirded me with solid traning in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, especially my Ph. D. advisor, Professor James S. Marron, Professor Jianqing Fan, and Professors Edward Carlstein, Gopinath Kallianpur, Ross Leadbetter, Walter Smith, Gordon Simons
  4. Professor Dr. Wolfgang K. Härdle my postodoc mentor at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin who introduced  me to the great subject of Econometrics

I have been having fun doing research in statistics, econometrics, and helping many others getting started and moving along in their statistics careers.

I had graduated 7 Ph. D. students from Michigan State University, 5 of whom have become Tenured Associate Professors in the US, 1 Tenured Full Professor; I have graduated 3 Ph.D. student from Soochow University in China, who are Tenured Associate Professor, Lecturer, and Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in well known Chinese Universities. My former students in turn have been guiding third generation Ph. D. grand students in the US, 14 of whom have graduated, 1 of whom works in US academia. More Ph. D. students are expected to graduate under my supervision from Tsinghua University. You can see my  students and descendants at My Students and My Mathematics Genealogy. In addition, I am responsible for the tenure and promotion to Associate Professorship of 17 individuals in US and China, and tenure and promotion to Full Professorship of 4, the list is in my Curriculum Vitae

Since January 1994, I have attended numerous conferences,  some of these memorable events are recorded in the photo album Conferences.